Does anyone know what the 3 words in the english language that end in "GRY" the first 2 are anGRY and hunGRY.
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Hey Phil,


I had to do a sql search through a whole dictionary for that!
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This is a riddle not a piece if factual information. The first part is meant to throw you off. The key to the riddle is this "The English Language" What is the third word? Language, it is something you use everyday and is said when the riddle is stated correctly.
Could you state the riddle correctly, please?


Could you state the riddle correctly, please?


I think it should be stated like this:

There are three words ending in "GRY". The first one is "angry", and the other is "hungry". Question: What is the third word in "the English Language"?

Since it's a riddle, you have to be careful enough not to be tricked.
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Oh, yes, that makes more sense now.
Thank you.

It makes me so puggry when riddles are presented incorrectly.


Did you notice how long this thread had been thru?

I was just wondering how Phil digged up this thread, considering that he is still not a memeber of the forums?
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