3forms of sent
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Main Entry: 1send

Pronunciation: \ˈsend\

Function: verb

Inflected Form(s): sent \ˈsent\; send·ing
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All three Forms of Send is Send, sent and sent.
Anonymous 3forms of sent
Note the following:

send, sent, sent
spend, spent, spent
bend, bent, bent
lend, lent, lent

Rarely used:
rend, rent, rent

Also "d" to "t":

build, built, built

Do not confuse the irregular verbs above with with these regular verbs:

mend, mended, mended
blend, blended, blended
tend, tended, tended
fend, fended, fended
befriend, befriended, befriended

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what is the 3rd form of send
AnonymousWhat is the 3rd form of send?
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