But when the plane did not stop at the end of the runway, emergency personnel snapped into action, Zelaya said. Firefighters were at the door within 20 seconds, and they quickly doused a fire that had broken out in one of the motors, avoiding a worse disaster, he said.

As a result of the wreck, landings at Toncontin will be rerouted to an airport 45 minutes from Tegucigalpa for all planes except those with 42 passengers or fewer, Zelaya said. The other airport has longer runways, and Zelaya predicted that hangars could be prepared and immigration facilities readied within two weeks

1. 45 minutes by car or plane? ( 2. How to ask this question properly?)

Thanks in advance!
That's a good question! A change that's 45 minutes by plane could be a few hours by car, so it's not exactly convenient if they mean "by plane" so perhaps they mean 45 minutes by car.

Your question was very clerar to me - but I don't know the answer!
Does the 45 minutes relate to driving or flying time?
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I think by car is the default too. Thanks, GG.

The reason I asked for a proper question is that the question is not a complete one. Though, I know, it's acceptably informally, I would like to know how construct the question formally.

My take:

By what means of transportation is the travel time, 45 mins, counted on?
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Thanks, Optilang!