Hi everyone, I'm new here.

What are 4 things that you love in your life?
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I like your question Emotion: wink

Firstly, I love my parents, because they have given me everything what I am. (For sure there will be my future husband along with parents, because he will be a person who will love and respect me; a person who will be worth loving as well)
Then, I love my friends because they always near me and are ready to help. So, am I.
Then I love my job and the nature. The job because I'm satisfied with it. /I don't mean the place where I work now, but what I do in general/ and the nature because it helps to divert myself from daily life...
And finally, I love myself, because it's impossible to love other people if you don't love yourself. Emotion: smile

What about you?

(and the steelers)
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i love family, life, friends, music

First I love my God
Second My prophet Mohamed
Thrid Family
Fourth the challenging in this life

firstly I love my life
in second place...my family
in third place....my dog
and the last one.... my sport:full contact
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I love my family
I love my friends
I love sports
I love music
Dear Guest

I love the poems of Heine. I love the string quartets of Beethoven. I love a girl with green eyes who now lives in a foreign country. I love insects.

It is a nice question. Thank you for asking.

Have a nice weekend.
I love
my family
my friends
my freedom
the nature
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