Some of my students wrote "I play the guitar at 4'o clock in the evening' but my intention is "afternoon" I wrote Korean and they translated it into English. The correct answer is 4' o clock in the afternoon, but some wrote 4'o clock in the evening. SO, from native speaker's perspectives, 4p.m. can be "evening??"
Evening begins generally when the sky gets dark around sunset.
It is also after normal working hours.
The earliest time I would call "evening" is 6 or 7 pm.

Word history:
evening (n.) from Old English æfnung "the coming of evening, sunset, time around sunset."
I would not consider 4 pm to be "evening".
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Note that you should leave a space after the numeral and the ' goes here: o'clock.

4 pm
4 p.m.
4 PM
4 o'clock

Not 4'o clock

(Even in Maine, when it was dark at 3:30 in the afternoon in the winter, 4 was not yet "evening." It was still afternoon.)
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The correct answer would be 4 o'clock in the afternoon. In my opinion after 5 o'clock or 6 o'clock would be considered evening. It also depends on where you live. If the sun starts to go down at 4 o'clock, you could pass it off as evening. I'm not sure what it's like in Korea. Confirm with multiple sources before you take my words for granted.

I'm in UK and in winter at 4 pm is dark.

4 pm in winter is evening to me. And because of that we use it all the year though

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