Could somebody please help me. Is the word POLICE plural or singular?

As far as I know I have only heard people say "Police are still looking....Police were not able to arrest....

Now a friend of mine insists that Americans mainly use police in a singular form as in "The police is/was unable to identify...etc.

What is a native speaker's stand on this? Are there regional differences in the US or is the singular form plain wrong?
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It can be used as a singular or plural noun.

To avoid confusion, you can use the word 'policeman' to make it different. Usually, having an article will give you an idea of the number, but in this case, 'the police' can still be used as a plural noun. It would still be your preference and when you are going to talk or right about the police, you can use policeman for singular and police for plural.

I can't give a stand from a native speaker but I have friends who are native speakers and they agree with me on this point. I hope this would help you.
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'Police' is always used with a plural verb in BrE. I don't think it is different with AmE.

Yoong Liat
police always takes a plural verb in AmE.
policeman / policewoman takes a singular verb.

Thank ya'll!
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Could someone tell me why police are referred to as "The 5-0"?
i agree with the others who say police is plural, so you would say "the police are..."
Could someone tell me why police are referred to as "The 5-0"?
There are many theories about the origin of the term, but the one which I find most believable is that it came from a televised series (1968 - 1980) about the state police in Hawaii. The series was called Hawaii Five-O. The "Five-O" comes from the fact that, of the fifty states of the United States, Hawaii was the last (the fiftieth) to become a state.

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