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A week ago I went to London for a short journey, just to see some sights and travel throughout the entire city.I heard a lot of historical spots and decided that visiting this city is a must.

Traveling by Underground is comfortable and fast. Nearly every 300 meters you can find a station.Just buy a day-travelcard peak off and you are in. It's amazing how many people are brought to their daily destination. My hotel was situated in central london next to another underground station. Well it wasn't cheap. But it's established that london is an expencive city.It was just a short promeade to reach the Regents Park and Madam Tussaulds.

I hope I can provide you a short insight of one of worlds most interesting city. I took photos of nearly all sights, but I just show you the most important like Big Ben , London Eye, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palast....

Of course there are more places in London which aren't on the photos. I can recommend you the: Tower of London ( A great historical place with great things to experience)

Covent Garden ( Good for having a meal or have a look at some people who make some little shows

Speakers Corner ( That was a nice experience, interesting for people who like to argue about news)

Mdm Tussaulds ( All those wax figures are created near the reality)

Regents Park,St James Park,Hyde& Green Park ( all great places to hang around)

Westminster abbey ( A beautiful church)

London Aquarium

London Dungeon

Harrods (great for shopping, might be interesting for girls Emotion: big smile )

City Hall

and many more, figure it out yourself Emotion: smile

So let's begin:

A magnificent view from the London Eye.At the center of the bild you can see Inner London,it's income is amazing because there are so many enterprises located.

Trafalgar Square and National Arts Gallery. It's a square in central London. One can see Nelson's Culumn, which is guarded by four lions statues at it's base. Lord Nelson glances down the street straight to the Big Ben.Trafalgar Square ranks as the fourth most popular tourist attraction on Earth with more than fifteen million visitors a year. There are always plenty of people.It's best for just hanging around and have some fun. Also the historical aspects are great.

Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the Britisch Monarch. Located in the City of Westminster. The home of th queen. It has been a rallying point for the British people at times of national rejoicing and crisis. Everyday at 11:30 one can watch the guard change.The entire action takes more than 30 minutes and is very interesting.The solders are accompanied with band.

St Paul's Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral on Ludgate hill, the highest point in the City of London, and is the seat of the Bishop of London. The present building dates from the 17th century and was designed by Christopher Wren.On this photo only the cupola of the church can be seen. You can climb up till a golden cross. In the church mindblowing views are given.

The Tower Bridge is situated near the Tower of London wich gave it it's name. The bridge consists of two towers which are tied together at the upper level.

Just in front of the London Eye.Standing at a height of 135 metres it is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe, and has become the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom, visited by over three million people in one year. Already 38 million attented a flight with it since the it was built in 1999.

A view of the Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament taken from the London Eye

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HI Alex. I'm glad you had a good trip to London. I know you speak great English but hoped that you wouldn't take offence if I helped you on a couple of points. An off-peak travel card rather than a peak off. The other thing that struck me was that you said just for a small journey. I think you mean just for a small break. It is a small journey between our countries but I don't think that was your meaning. I understand that you translate from German so the words would be in that order.

I'm sorry if I sound like an arse as I wanted to help you improve your English and I already know you have a good standard of English. I think as you are a member here you would like the fact I pointed out thee errors, so you could improve. Please don't think that I'm trying to discourage you from posting - quite the opposite!


PS. If you come to London again then I might be able to help you find discounts etc or just give advice as to where to eat.
Thanks for the photos, Alex. I have seen and been to nearly everything you mentioned. I have never been that interested in the Millennium Wheel and consequently I have never taken a ride on it.

If you are interested in botany and plants, Kew Gardens is the place for you. Unlike Dave, I can't give you advice about cheapLondon restaurants but I might mention an expensive one that's worth a visit: the Gaucho Piccadilly. Excellent Argentine steaks, should you fancy them![Y] Superb wines and even the coffee is great![<:o)]Emotion: beer You'll need to book in advance.

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Many thanks for your correcting Dave Emotion: smile If I do mistakes I normally don't notice them, thus I'm glad if someone corrects them, so you did a great job. Well I know that off-peak sounds better, or is the right word order. In a german travel guide, which I used the travel card is called peak off.And so I just copied it.

Cheap restaurants would be great for the next visit.I don't know when I'll fly again but certainly I will contact you.One evening I had a nice meal at covent garden. It was really cheap and worth it's price.

Argentine steaks sound pretty good, I just came along with fish and ships and some tasty sandwhiches.I woke up at 8 o'clock, went to breakfast and afterwards travelled all day. Next time I'm sure that I will visit the restaurant you mentioned.Thanks CB.

Indeed, I'm interested in botany and plants. In germany I already visited most of the botanic gardens , which are not too far away.
So this time I just had time for the "big thinks". Next time there'll be enough time to get to know more places.Travelling 4 days from dawn till dusk causes fatigue. I fell in love with this city but I was happy to be home again.
Thinking about to do a year abroad Emotion: smile

Alex-93Argentine steaks sound pretty good, I just came along with fish and ships and some tasty sandwhiches.
I don't think you ate many ships, Alex! They sail the seas!Emotion: smile You probably had fish andchips!

Another place you could be interested in but didn't mention in your first post is the Museum of London. It's all about the history of London itself, and I think that's one of the most interesting museums in London since London is very old. As a German, you could also find the [url=http://www.iwm.org.uk /]Imperial War Museum[/url] interesting. This museum is situated so far south that it doesn't show on all the small maps of London, but it can be reached by the tube if you are willing to walk about a kilometre.

Next time you come, Have a look at Kew Gardens, the admision is expensive (£13). There is supposed to be a sample of every type of plant there. With a voucher and your train ticket (travel card you can get 2 for 1 admission)
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I passed the London museum, but I didn't go in. That's really something for my next trip, one person who was with me suggested a visit, but except me, all other person declined. We were 5 persons.

Oh my god Emotion: big smile, I really don't know why I wrote ships instead of chips, stupid mistake thought, anyway thanks for correcting Emotion: smile

Another thing I actually wanted to do, was visiting the National Arts Gallery. It must contain one of the worlds biggest painting collections. And thats really something where I'm interested in. I was in other exhibitions, for instance in belgium or in france and was always fascinated.

Alex-93I really don't know why I wrote ships instead of chips
Nothing to worry about! We all make all kinds of mistakes even in our native languages, let alone a foreign language. Take my word for it, I have made even worse mistakes, but I'm not going to list them here!Emotion: smile

Thanks for posting the pics, Alex! Right now, I am filled with a wave of nostalgia ...
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