1. I'm looking for ___________ to cut this string.
a) a pair scissors b) a scissor c) a scissors d) some scissors
2.The _________ produced at our factory in Scotland.
a) good are b) good is c) goods are d) goods is
3. My father is not only the town mayor, he runs _______,too.
a) a business b) a piece of business c) business d) some business
4. When Martin _______ the car, he took it out for a drive.
a) had repaired b) has repaired c) repaired d) was repairing
5. Susan has to work very hard. I ________ do her job, I'm sure.
a)can't b) couldn't c) don't d) shouldn't

Please write answer soon.. Very Thanks for your help!..
I'd say you can use either "scissors", "a pair of scissors" and "some scissors" for no.1
I would also use "couldn't" for no.5, rather than can't.
1-d, some scissors.
2-c, goods are.
3-a, a business.
4-a, had repaired.
5-a, can't
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I think for 1 it should be scissors and not some scissors.
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