Can you create a sentence where the same word in English is repeated five times in a row ? Emotion: tongue tied
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Is 'and' the word?
If, a possible answer is hidden among all these riddles and word games in this forumEmotion: smile
Emotion: smile First question, it may be. You should compose a sentence to illustrate you answer. It must make sense. Second question, it could be as I'm a fairly new member.
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If I compose the sentence I'll ruin the game and I don't want since the answer I know is not mine. If I found some asnwer in my own, I'll post it! Emotion: smile
I know a sentence with 4 only, please accept it!
the sentence is:
Can you can a can in a can?
Is it the sign maker putting up the new sign for Marks and Spencer who got the spacing wrong?
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My answer was a signwriter was putting up a new sign for the Rose and Crown public house.
The landlord came out as he was finishing and said "The space between Rose and and and and and Crown is not the same. Emotion: smile
I can better that one!!!

How about:

In a Latin examination James where John had had 'had', had had 'had had'. 'Had had' had had the examiner's approval.

It's extremely improtant that you stress the correct words here and it is a perfectly valid sentence!
what about this.
I love my love, but my love does not love me as i love my loveEmotion: smile. Here are six "love"s
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