Can you help me with these please?

1 What difference does it make if you do it/what I do with my time. BOTH
2 Don't spray your dog with cologne, its not good for it's sense of smell. I don't know
3 Put parquet in your apartment for it to look like its lighter instead of dark carpet. (Does this make sense, How would you say it?) Need help
4 You need to show/assert your support if you want him to win. Apart from SHOW what else could you say?
5 I've seen bodies 10 times uglier than yours. OK
6 I want everything in my apartment to be low. I want to live closer to the ground. (does this make sense?) OK
7 Only people who are poor who want to act rich buy this type of car. There is something wrong with it, I don't know what.

1. Both

2. I'm not familiar with the concept, but the sentence is correct.

3. for it to look to make it look like

4. I don't like 'assert'. 'Show' is fine; can't think of a substitute.

5. ok

6. It's correct, but I don't seen the logic.

7. Only poor people who want to act rich buy...
Second sentence should be:

It's not good for its sense of smell.