What is the full meaning of this 7-grain, 9-grain, 12-grain etc. bread?
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But does the sentence have any sense ''it sounds like grain but it only grows in the summer'?
I can't make any sense of this. I found that buckwheat is not grain but a kind of vegetable, so it could be that, but...
Nevermind, thank you P.
"Buckwheat is often mistakenly described as a grain. In fact, buckwheat "grain " is actually a fruit seed. As it contains no gluten it is particularly suitable for people who have wheat or gluten intolerance." (or from the point of view of the thingy diet, people who wish to avoid wheat products)
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It is a vegetable - it's related to rhubarb and sorrel Emotion: geeked
Wow, I'm impressed Abbie. Thanks, AGAIN!
p.s. Are you sure it's not a vegetable?
Just kidding!
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On the contrary - I'm sure the plant IS a vegetable, but the seed is a 'fruit' , i.e. the product, or part with germination capability. Rhubarb is technically a vegetable, but we call the stalks "fruit". Emotion: wink
Ok, I believe you:))