What is the full meaning of this 7-grain, 9-grain, 12-grain etc. bread?
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I guess the number corresponds to the number of different cereals that are used in each kind of bread
Oh yes, What was I thinking?
Of course
Thanks pieanne
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Always welcome, Antonia!
Sorry, but I have to ask you sth again. Are the words grain and cereals sometimes interchangeable?
I would say so...
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Ok thanks. And how about the meaning of a summer annual in the context:
Buckwheat sounds like a grain, but it's really a summer annual?
Can be found only in the summer?
(just a wild guess, I'm afraid)
I'm sorry about this, but I'm a veggie gardener as well as a reader (and cook) of all sorts of recipes!

Buckwheat is plant, which flowers in the summer and is sensitive to frost. (The grain is the seed which follows the flower.) Hence the description "summer annual". Emotion: smile
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