80 days around the world!!

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Anyone please tell me about about this story.. I really appreciate your help.

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Why don't you start with that?

Michael Palin, a BBC presenter, recently did the trip exactly with the same methos of transport and exact locations mentioned in the classic book in 80 days! That was interesting.
Alizha I am not very much sure about the story. Basically it was a book written by Jules Verne. I think the gist of the story is a journey of a man called Fogg around the world a result of a bet by his boss.

I think u asked about the journey of people who travel throughout the world in eighty days now. Those people are multimillionaires who think it as a fame.
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here is the summary of the book
Phileas Fogg is a very punctual person. He is extremely wealthy, straight forward, and even eccentric. Like any regular day, he walked into a club, met with some friends, and in conversation, places a bet of 20000 pounds, saying that he can travel around the world in 80 days. Of course, back then, this would have been near to impossible, for they didn't have the technology we have today. If he fails to make it back to the club in exactly 80 days, he will lose half of his fortune.
Accompanied by his new, but loyal, as well as trustworthy servant, Passepartout, they embark on a magnificent journey which takes them through Asia, and all the way into the United States. While on their journey, they rescue an Indian woman, Ms. Aouda, from a sacrificial ritual. Fogg has given his word to get the woman to safety in Japan to her relatives. However, when they find out that her relative didn't live there anymore, she has no choice but to accompany the two on their journey.
Back in London however, there has been a bank robbery, where the thief got away with a total grand amount of 50000 pounds! The police's suspicion arouses on to Mr. Fogg, who they think has made up an excuse to travel around the world in 80 days, in order to get away from the arms of law. Thus, a private detective is sent out to follow Phileas Fogg, gather evidence against him, and wait for an arrest warrant to throw him into jail. This of course delays Fogg's progress.
Mr. Fogg who has little time to spare must now gets back to the club within the time given, or he will lose half of his fortune, along with the other half which he has spent on his wild journey. With natural phenomena's and the investigator against him, he must use his punctuality to win the bet.

Jules verne is one of the first science fiction writer
you can get the book in this site
Hey there. To my thinking, the book's worth reading, I'd even recommend it to you. But as regard the film, I strongly advise you not to see it.One of the most mediocre and ill-conceived movies featuring Jackie Chan I've ever seen.
I quite agree... The film isn't worth the expense...

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I thoroughly agree with one of our friends. The book and the film is quiet different. The book may focus more on the geographic, customs difference description, otherwise, the film stared by Chinese famouse actor Jakie Chen just borrow the title of 80 days around the world. The plot and contents is totally different except for travelling far away. Thinking it is the retelling of the book, I watched the movie. It is not so empressive, just bring me some laugh. It is a funny one which can't touch me, enlight me.