Could you be so kind as to look over my corrections please?

1 I know what it's like being in love/when you are in love. BOTH are OK. I like the first
2 The impact was so strong/great, I couldn't do anything but/except drop what was in my hand. ALL ok, but if I had to pick, GREAT and BUT.
3 She said that for me to react/so I'd react. She didn't mean what she said. The 2nd, Is the 1st OK?
4 He was in the car with his face in/on his hand trying to fall asleep. IN his hand
5 Aside from/besdies/Apart from the meals, I didn't spend much time with them between meals. I don't know. (how would you say this sentence?)
6 When are we going to get there/When will we get there? (what's the difference?) BOTH , no diff.
7 Our luck, we are going to stop right when it's raining./we are stopping right when it's raining. I don't know.
8 How long before/until the bomb goes off? BOTH
How many minutes until/before the end of the film? BOTH
In how long will we be arriving? OK or When will we be arriving?

Thank you
1-2 . Your choices are good

3. first option

4. in (but I'd say 'head in his hands')

5. Aside from the meals, I didn't spend much time with them

6. no diff

7. we are stopping just as it's beginning to rain

8. both


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7. we are going to stop when it rains / we will stop when it rains.

I would like remind u to be more clear with ur sentences as some do not give 'me' the right idea that u may think.

Thank u.

I presumed you realized this is an English website and you, as self-described as an English teacher, should be setting a good example for the learners. Please refrain from using chat-style English if you are trying to help.

Appreciate it!