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Male are better..........
and don't forget spending a year in the bathroom getting ready. "FIVE MINUTES"... my ass
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Male advantage number 91 we can find time to think about the advantages of being a man Lol
You know what? Though you wrote this years ago, I still think it is better to be a man. We don't always try to prove we are right about stuff.
my grandpa always asks for directions and btw it was males that made them get off the titanic it was a male that told u directions to help u not get lost again and men know what glass wasn't theirs my 6 year old sister regreted piercing hear ears i can post pics if u like but ill be not horrifing for the kids and for men choclate does solve all ur problems ecxept men have that 10 pound hershy kiss they got for easter and we can find our own spinich in our teeth and have en afternoon snack and if we marry someone 7 years younger were aware that were making the right move and i am pretty sure talking to Hitler without pictureing him naked is pretty easy and btw we don't dress ourselfs our people do it for us and i dontt even know what caddyshake or fletch is and if u think having 4 people holding u in the air sitting on their hands is considered touching their butt then okay and we dont have to make sure we haven't bleed our panties at the one point and if were dumb well end up like Hilter Emotion: devil if we have a sit we dont need to put gwakamoli on it anyway even though there cheaper tuxes are just as good as gowns even if there 1900 dollors cheaper and men make it to heaven quicker god finds woman more untrustworthy so has to study them more to decide heaven or hell and unless ur in 3rd grade men dont fart to amuse themselfs they have staring contests while girls cry that they forgot their earings and when i was 10 i remember my mom was trying for about 5 minuetes to pull a cab we dont get double the fine on tickets for trying to flirt our way out and lipstick makes u look like Miley Cirus and nobody wants do be her and the girls pay back all the free stuff with the changeing of diapers, the baby that spilled paint and now looks like braveheart, the cooking of the food etc
for men we dont when we call animal control about a bat we dont scream WERE IN A HOUSE FULL OF WOMAN
so i covered more then 3 quarters of ur points Emotion: smile
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We just can figure out how to clone ourselves! Emotion: rofl
I am a male and i do not believe that men are better than women or that women are better than men. This is because we both have equal amounts of weaknesses and strengths. There are weaknesses in women that men can make up for and weaknesses in men that women can make up for. This is why both are just as essential to society; they need acceptance and dependence on one another in order for society to work. So be proud of what you are - male or female.

thank you just helped me on my homework thx

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you that the god created the men first