hi everybody. I think u all know the great tragedy in
u.s.a twin towers on sep11, 2001. i read in a magazine that the twin
towers could be demolished only if powerful bombs are kept in each and
every floor of the building. but it was said that it was due to air
crash. another fact is that though intelligence commitee of u.s.a
warned many times bush to keep the war planes in alert due to
terrorists on seb11, he refused to do so and sent those planes for
training on seb11. surprisingly there were power shut in the buildings
for many times for one week before the incident which never happened
before. so if anybody knows full information about he magazine and the
matter mail me.
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You can find plenty of information here; Alex Jones
If you're more interested in facts, you can read about the collapse here:

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/wtc /
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Is it true?!? I can;t believe!!!
Good. you shouldn't believe it.Tthere are umpteen conspiracy theories flying around and they are all rubbish. The link given below gives the facts of the investigation.
Nona The BritGood. you shouldn't believe it.Tthere are umpteen conspiracy theories flying around and they are all rubbish. The link given below gives the facts of the investigation.

Thank you, nona. You saved me from saying the exact same thing.
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“Call me insane but did it sort of look like those buildings came down in a controlled demolition?”

Charlie Sheen claims the investigation into 911 was a huge cover up.
83% of respondents to a CNN poll agree with him.

CNN Poll Ends At 83% In Support Of Charlie Sheen

Prison Planet.com | March 27 2006

After talking with CNN we were able to confirm that Showbiz Tonight's poll asking whether viewers supported Charlie Sheen's comments on 9/11 finished 83% for and 17% against Sheen. Total votes ran to 53426, with 44519 for and 8907 against.

This result comes despite the fact that the Neo-Con website Free Republic had a campaign running to skew the poll in the against favor on their messageboards.

Alex Jones' two appearances on Showbiz Tonight, in which he went all out and said the government ran the attacks, suggest that he majority of the 83% were supporting not just Charlie Sheen but Alex's comments as well.

Below is a screenshot from Saturday night with the poll at 84% in support.

(missing image)

So, just what did Charlie Sheen say, that so many people agree with?

Here is a transcript of his interview on CNN;

Mr. Sheen, you have some questions about the official 9/11 story, and we got hooked up because we both mutually have been looking into that. I want to start by what happened on 9/11 and what your instincts told you and really just go from there.

Well, it was interesting. Let me say that I've been a fan of yours for a long time. I've been a fan of your documentaries. Your research is tireless and it's interesting because a lot of these guys you sort of look behind their notes and you start to discover their inconsistencies in a lot of the claims they are making which torpedoes the credibility of most of their substance, but with you that is not the case. I was always amazed to see that you had the hard data to back up your claims. […]

We were talking yesterday and you said over the phone that the biggest conspiracy theory is the story at every point it's a fabrication, it's a lie.

It's like they want to pigeonhole all of us into conspiracy nutbags when we're not debating things that are related to UFO's bringing down the towers or building 7 or the pentagon and so its feels like there's things in there that we’re not the conspiracy theorists on this particular issue. It seems to me like 19 amateurs with box cutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75% of their targets: that feels like a conspiracy theory.

Back in 2001 everyone admits that cell phones didn’t work at 3,000 feet, how were they working at 33,000, 32,000 feet? How did al Quaeda make Norad stand down? Did they call Mayor Lee Brown in San Francisco as the Chronicle reported and say don't fly to New York? No, the White House did. Did al Quaeda call S. Rushey and say don't fly to New York on Sept. 11? No, the Times of London reported the White House did. Did al Quaeda run drills, CIA and Pentagon drills in the morning of 9/11 of hijacked jets hitting the exact same targets at the exact same times?

The answers to that would be probably not. It’s just the more you look at stuff, specific incidents, specific events in around that fateful day; it just raises a lot of questions. I know a couple of years ago it was severely unpopular to discuss this. But it sort of feels like, just in my research and through people I’ve talked to in and around my circles…even talking about this with conservative republicans, they can’t debate away some of the most obvious facts of that day.

Let me roll this 30 second clip of Dan Rather. This is what Dan Rather though.

[Clip played.]

So that's Dan Rather, and that’s what I thought that morning. That's what engineers, the heads of engineer colleges -- that’s what a lot of people said. What did you think on that morning?

Where do we start? I was up early and we were going to do a pre-shoot of "Spin City," and I was up watching the news and the north tower was burning, and the world was focusing on some pilot error or some tragedy no one could explain and I saw the south tower hit live -- that famous wide shot where it disappears behind the building -- and I saw the tremendous fireball and it was a feeling that it didn't look, how do I say this, like any commercial jetliner that I’ve flown on anytime in my life. And then the buildings came down.

Later on that day I was with my brothers at my parent's house. We were out on the deck and I said, “Call me insane but did it sort of look like those buildings came down in a controlled demolition?” And he said, "Well, kind of but gosh that’s impossible if you think what it would take for them to orchestrate that." And so as the days and the weeks went on, I was sort of told what to believe, and I was told through the mainstream media and the talking heads about what really happened.

Now Charlie, when the press hears your interview if they think it's radical that you thought it looked like explosives well then they better go talk to Dan Rather, then the host of CBS nightly news and we also have a clip of Peter Jennings saying the exact same thing twice. So he says it looks like bombs, so I guess they’ll have to dig up poor Peter Jennings and gripe at him because he's saying the same thing you and I thought.

Of course, but what bothers me even more about all this stuff is it exists from day 1. If you look at all of the news reporting after day 1 the official story starts to find its way into our consciousness.

They start telling us their conspiracy; those in the government tell their wild eyed conspiracy theory.

Exactly, and so we all go away from what we all felt in our gut initially.

After 9/11 a lot of people disagreed with me and now not just on my own broadcast, but on other networks really no one calls in and disagrees…and people know that something is wrong and 9/11 is just a part of that. What about WTC7? It wasn’t even hit by a building. A 47-story structure has two small fires in it, modern steel building that never collapsed from fire…What happened with building 7 in your opinion?

Well, it’s curious isn’t it? It’s a little bit curious. It just seems odd that an event that we all witnessed…and what was the great Hoover quote, “The bigger the lie, the easier it is to pass over to people.” Let me just throw this out…because I’m sure I’m being demonized all over the nation for this.

People see through the propaganda organs now like they never did before.

Well good, finally… here’s some quotes: “It’s unpatriotic not to tell the truth whether about the president or anyone else the second is that we are to stand by the president right or wrong is not only unpatriotic…but is morally treasonable to the American public.” Theodore Roosevelt.

Yes, well, that's what the founding fathers said.

Absolutely, and we've been coerced away from these founding principals… and we’ve been told never believe these outstanding conspiracies concerning 9/11

Back to building 7, you pointed out in one of your documentaries a classic controlled demolition; they cause a crease, wrinkle.

And many control-demolition experts say they’ve never seen a prettier job than building 7.

There was a guy who scientifically actually broke down and said the building actually fell faster than the speed of gravity, because of the explosive vacuum that was created…

And then you've got [Larry] Silverstein, the lease holder, the owner of 7 as well as the rest of the complex on tape, on the record saying we’ve had such a terrible loss of life that day and I made the decision that they should go ahead and pull it.

And we gave the order and we watched the building come down.

Yeah, pull, that’s as common to the demo world as action and cut to the movie world.

In fact in the same PBS documentary narrated by Kevin Spacey, not him some other guy, he comes right out and says they cut to one of the other engineers "demoing" the building and he says we’re getting ready to blow it and then they pull it.

[Larry Silverstein clip]

Let me just play devils advocate for a second. I don't claim to be an expert about structures… or demolition. Could they have rigged that building during the day when they decided that the fire was out of hand even though it was just in a couple of floors?

No way could they have blown that to bits when it was just a massive explosion down low but they couldn't engage in precision demolition it would take weeks. […] People are saying what you're saying. But the problem is they hired Henry Kissinger and all Bush business partners on the 9/11 whitewash commission. What did you think of the commission?

Not much because the commission didn't answer hard questions, how long did it take to launch an investigation for Pearl Harbor, Titanic, JFK…?

About a day. About a day. About a day.

Yes and 9/11?

About a year later.

Yes, and that bothers me because Giuliani as a former prosecutor and knows the value of evidence preservation and crime scene preservation. I understand that they were on the clock and still looking for victims and they were still looking for bodies, and they were still hoping beyond hope that there will still survivors.

But not a week into it, not a month into it.

No, I know. The thing I can't get out of my mind is that if there is a problem with building 7 then there is a problem with the whole thing…just the fact that the entire event is so shrouded in secrecy…Everybody is now familiar with the famous Andrew Card/Bush ear whisper at the elementary school, that whole incident is problematic to me. It was broadcast three days in advance -- his schedule. So conservatively, if that event was broadcast live, how many people in the state of Florida knew where he was at that specific point in time? If he was being informed -- the second plane hit, America was being attacked -- isn't he then putting everyone in his immediate circle at a great risk? It seems to me upon the revelation of that news that the secret service would grab the president and remove him as of he were on fire from that room.

It's funny Jeb Bush declared Marshall Law three days before that and that was kept just a little bit quiet…he wouldn't say why and Bush wouldn't say why…carrier attack groups were ready to attack…that was incredibly convenient to have your whole military stacked up and ready to go…

Because strategies don't go together overnight for a major invasion, they are very well calculated and very well planned, at least in this government…in a statement that Bush made following, "What did you think when the first plane hit?" and he said he was watching it like everyone else.

I guess that’s one of the perks of being president, you get access to TV channels that don’t exist in the known universe. It might led me to believe that he’d seen similar images in some type of rehearsal as it were…It's inconvenient that firearms were taken from pilots…It's right in there with June or July '01 when after 46 years Cheney changed the authorization for the shoot-down orders. Again, I'm not on your show to say who did it or why, because I don't have those answers.

[But] it would seem to me based on what we've all seen -- those images that are emblazoned on our minds forever -- I don’t have experience in avionics or high-rise mechanics -- but it looked like the majority of jet fuel upon impact exploded. So I have a hard time believing that a fireball traveled down the elevator over 1,100 feet and still had the explosive energy to destroy the lobby like it was described.

And this one guy talks about his bombombom controlled detonation -- this is not just you or I speculating -- this is people inside the buildings at the time of collapse

[another clip]

What do you think we should do? What would be a real investigation? What would satisfy you? Ninety percent of Americans want an investigation.

I want the same thing. It's got to be headed by some, if its possible, some mutual investigative committee. I don't know how to establish that. You would know better than me. What if we used retired political foreign national? No one with a connection with this administration -- as far as people with no interest, no stake…

They would come to the same opinion: people aren't buying this.

We talked about building 7 -- that whole episode smells like a rat. We have to shift a focus to the Pentagon -- very suspicious. I think it’s emblematic of the arrogance of this administration.

What about…Iraq?

Yeah, I'm not sure they’re talking about the same Iraq you and me are talking about.

There's a young guy at work from Nigeria. He overheard me talk about 9.11 and at the time he was attending GWU. The day after 9.11, federal teams of trauma counselors came into the classroom and basically told them they were all in shock -- that [they should] "understand the memory [because] your eyes will play tricks on you in the future. If anyone is questioning what we're telling you, do not believe what you think you know." Basically telling them, "Here is the story, follow it."

[The Pentagon]: show us the maneuvering, how this plane pulled off these maneuvers. If that happened, what about the Sheraton, the gas station, the freeway cam? All these shots had this perfectly document. Instead they put our five photos they claim to not have authorized. It's really suspicious and then if you look at the date stamp in the bottom left-hand corner, its September 12.

The whole thing about the plane disintegrating…if you take the one statement about the wings folding up, it seems like at that impact velocity, everything is still going the same speed.

Last comment?

It is up to us to reveal the truth. It is up to us because we owe it to the families; we owe it to the victims; we owe it to everyone whose life was drastically altered horrifically that day and forever. We owe it to them to uncover what happened.
Anonymous“Call me insane but did it sort of look like those buildings came down in a controlled demolition?”

Charlie Sheen claims the investigation into 911 was a huge cover up.
83% of respondents to a CNN poll agree with him.

CNN Poll Ends At 83% In Support Of Charlie Sheen

At first, I actually concluded that your post must be a joke.
On second thought, though, I realized that most of my political ideology is mysteriously intertwined with Charlie Sheen's.
That show "Two and a Half Men" is at times not much more than his manifesto. I can't be the only one who has noticed this?
I'm really not very interested in Charlie Sheen's ideologies, his show, or anything else about the man's own life. Those things pale into insignificance by comparison to the valid issues he raises with regard to the atrocious events of 911, issues it seems many Americans, and others, are also concerned about.
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