It's been 5 years since September 11th, when four jetliners were hijacked by groups of five and four Arab men, affiliated with AL-Qaeda, armed with box cutters, who proceeded to fly three of the four jets into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, whereas the four plane crashed into a field at Pennsylvania after the passengers attempted to seize control of the plane. As well as the 19 hijackers, a confirmed 2,973 people died and another 24 remain missing as a result of these attacks. These attacks were described as "horrifying terrorist attacks". Mr. Gorge W. Bush, President of The US of America decided to take this horror and spread it all over the plant. The Bush administration declared a war on terrorism, with the stated goals of bringing Osama bin Laden and AL-Qaeda to justice and preventing the emergence of other terrorist networks. Those goals were very justified and I agree that every nation has the right to defend their people and assure their safety. Aftermath, The War on Terrorism has broken out just few weeks since those terrorist attacks took placed. Bush promised to work for a better world and a saver one, however, this war turned into a war against innocent Muslims, civilization, democracy and international peace.

The kickoff was on Afghanistan. The second-biggest operation outside of the United States was the overthrow of Afghanistan's oppressive Taliban regime. This war caused the death to more than 80 thousands innocent people because The American jets were bombing in random places as the Taliban's army had no particular buildings or camps. It's true that this operation could destroy this disbanded Taliban regime but also processed very many small terrorists decentralized cells which are ready to bomb in any place. No need to say that Afghanistan is now having the most miserable times in its history. No safety, weak economy and millions of immigrants. No need to mention that drugs trade were doubled many many times.

The bloody match continued on Iraq, where Bush was thinking it was close to the production of weapons of mass destruction. This unjustified war killed more than 120,000 innocent people either by the American weapons or the Zargawy weapons. Many now fear the start of Iraq first civil war. Thanks to the democracy Bush was promising to bring to Iraq.

This war on Terrorism also caused an increase of the number of the terrorists attacks all over the world and led to start new bloody fronts in Saudi Arabia ( more than 11 terrorist attacks in 5 years that caused thousands of killed and injured people most of them are Saudis and permanent bloody confrontations with police forces) Egypt ( about 6 terrorist attacks which were directed to foreigners and caused the Egyptian tourism a big loss ) and Morocco, Indonesia, Turkey, Jordon, Pakistan, India and the bloody list goes on.

Moreover, London and Madrid were hit and some of other European cities are waiting for the terror to pay them a visit. This war also gives Israel the green light to proceed on their so-called holy mission on their genocidal war against the Palestinian race. Also, to destroy a free country called Lebanon.

Now, after 5 years of this Bloody war,

  • Is the world better, as what Bush was promising?
  • If it was a war against Terrorism , for what reasons those thousands of innocent people were killed ?
  • Don't you think that this war is just another way of taking Revenge ?
  • Do you think this war will end in your life-time ?
  • SetoIs the world better, as what Bush was promising?
    Most certainly not.
  • SetoIf it was a war against Terrorism , for what reasons those thousands of innocent people were killed ?
    To further the intersts of the United Nations New World Order Global Monopolists
  • SetoDon't you think that this war is just another way of taking Revenge ?
    Yes, I do.
  • SetoDo you think this war will end in your life-time ?
    Yes, I do. It will end quickly if people stop believing the pro-war United Nations New World Order Global Monopolist propaganda that the mainstream media keeps inflicting upon us.
I also think there could be a better alternative to the War on Terrorism. As a matter of fact, I think the slogan "War on Terrorism" is very dangerous. Think about it. Can you fight terrorism with war? Isn't war one of the causes of terrorism? Also, why doesn't any of the parties involved in the conflict start analyzing what they themselves might be doing wrong? It's a bit like in kindergarten where everyone is pointing the finger at their opponentent saying that the other party is at fault. They follow this principle: "We are the good guys and you are the bad ones, that's why we have to fight against you and we will win because we are right and they are wrong."

As for Bush, he is part of the United States, the majority of the Americans have elected him and his government. I think only by looking at they way he speaks and moves you can tell that he shouldn't lead any country let alone the US. Is there really no better alternative to Bush and his decisions? Obviously not because nobody wants to take responsibility for the current world situation. Or is there anybody after all?
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9/11 was just the excuse that Bush, Blair and co. were waiting for to give a demonstration about who rules the world.
Do we approve of that attack? Of course not, a lot of innocent people wre killed. But do we really think that Bush cares about a lot of cleaning staff, canteen staff, immigrant workers, ordinary people, who died on 9/11? No more than his former ally Bin Laden.Certainly not enough to go to war over it.
The 11 September date has been firmly stamped in my memory ever since 1973 when the Chilean military, headed by Pinochet, overthrew the democratically elected government of that country, killing tens of thosuands of people and transforming Chile into a concentration camp for 16 years. All this with the open approval and complicity of the U.S. administration and to the applause of commentators around the world. Any U.S. administrator who talks about the terrible event of "9/11" (and we all agree) and fails to mention these other atrocities is a hypocrite.
I have just read that the toll of the Iraqi war is 601.027 dead Iraqis, so far .