Could you please look these

1 This test will tell you (when) your best age for having a child is.
2 I hope the whole situation works itself out./works out for the best.
3 I'm having much trouble knwing whether these alligation are true/whether this sentence is grammatical.
4 It takes learning to do that
5 What song do you want playing while
6 I was short a model/model short
7 I'm trying to figure out if this is the person you are or the person you make out be.
8 She knows how to rivet people on her when she's on stage.
9 You look very pretty from the front /full face but not so much the profile.

10 The show 24 is over 24 hours. Each season is 24 hours long both in real time and tv time.
Other shows take place over one year. The 24 episodes make up a year. So the characters grow older as you do/grow older at the same pace as you/as fast as you.

How would you fix the sentence?

1. use "when" with "is" at the end; or omit both

3. these allegations

6. "one" is better than "a" here

8. "focus" is better than "rivet"

9. not so much on the profile

10. 24 lasts more than 24 hours / all ok (at the same pace - better)
can anyone take a quick look at this? thank you
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Can someone please take a look at this Please?
I'd appreciate it .

Thank you
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