He won the batting title with a .345 average in 130 games.

How do you pronounce the underlined part?

A three hundred and forty fifth average?

LiveinjapanHe won the batting title with a .345 average in 130 games.
Three-forty-five. In the US, anyway, baseball batting averages are so common that even grade school students say them this way. It's been that way at least since the 40's, that I can testify to.

The "in 130 games" is uncommon in my experience. The average is calculated for the season, updated after every "at bat," and for the player's total major league career. I mean to say that the number of games is irrelevant - but I suppose it could be considered part of the statistic.

I remember a first baseman named Walt Dropo who was batting a thousand for the Red Sox for at least the first two or three weeks of his major league career.
Of course this was an anomaly, and if he had been injured at that point he wouldn't have been given the title. A minimum number of games would be required.
Understand! I'm a big fan of baseball.
Thanks, Avangi.