Can I say,

After a / an one-hour break in the afternoon, we all went home.
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The word "one" is pronounced like "won."

So which word do you think you use: a or an?

(Why wouldn't you go home at the start of the break? We stopped work for an hour. Then, when that hour was over, even though we were still at work, we went home. If you are going to leave immediately after the break, just leave when you start the break.)
I choose "a". Am I right?
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Yes, you are right.

A one-hour break.
Can you give me more examples starting with "a one ..." without hyphen?
I don't think I can.

A one-hour break.
A one-mile walk.
A one-time occurrence.
A one-dollar price difference.
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A one or a six.
a once in a lifetime opportunity
a one in a million
I will be home in an one hour or I will be home in a one hour?
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