Which would be correct usage :

1. A unique

2. An Unique

and why ?

Cheers !
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A google search shows

a unique 172,000,000

an unique 2,220,000
It's 'A' not 'an ' ... you don't say - it's AN unique situation, he's AN unique person.

You say- it's A unique situation and he's A unique person.
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TeoA google search shows

a unique 172,000,000

an unique 2,220,000

Given the large number of typos we usually find on webpages, I'm surprised it's such a small percentage (just over 1%) for "an unique".

a unique is verb
an Unique is noun

Can you give me some cases of short "u" requiring "an" in front?
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an umbrella
an umbilical cord
an undershirt
an upper class twit
an ultraviolet transmogrifier
I can only think of “um-brel’la”. There aren’t too many word starting with a “U” that requires an article “an”.

But an “A” is used for the following words: university, unicorn, union, unit and a “used car”etc……
An ugly sister.

An untoward incident.

An unexpected consequence.

An unhappy compromise.

An utterly miserable existence.

An understandable decision.

An undignified exit down a drainpipe in the dead of night.

An unfortunate miscalculation.

An undertaker.
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Ans is 2

because Unique starts with an Vowel
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