Which would be correct usage :

1. A unique

2. An Unique

and why ?

Cheers !
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An Unique is a correct answer. Because if any vowels comes you should select "an". Otherwise select "a".
It is not the letter, it is the sound, Anon. Unique starts with a /ju:/ sound, so takes a. So also do a unicorn, a unicycle, a uterus, and a utensil.
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A pleasant to you! This is my very first time to enter in your website as what our English professor here in our hospital advised me.

I choose - A unique because in my whole life until today, I never met combination of An Unique words. Although unique starts with a vowel U but still it's awkward to say an unique. Maybe because of its usage or the way you will say makes "a unique" the one to be used all the times.

Thank you so much.

Hello Simm, and welcome to English Forums. I hope you will register as a member (it's free!) and join our discussions frequently.

The indefinite article (a, an) is determined by the first sound of the word, not the letter, so we have--

A unique experience ( /ju:nik/ )
An umbrella ( /umrela/
A haircut ( /heirkut/ )
An heir ( /eir/ )


I hope that helps.
Which would be correct usage :

1. A unique

2. An Unique

and why ?

Cheers !
  • an SS soldier (an es es... )

  • a usable tool ( a yuz... )

  • an upper place (an ap...)
  • a + consonant (the first sound in the word) = a + consonant

  • a + vowel (the first sound in the word) = a + n + vowel = an + vowel
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i think an unique is correct. because of 'u' is an vowel.we know that every vowel word is coming with an.
No, it is the 'sound' of the first letter that counts, not whether it is an actual vowel. Unique starts with a 'yoo' sound and that is a consonant, therefore it needs 'a' before it.

A unique.

A unicorn.

A unicycle.

An upper-cut

An underground passage

An udder.
We should say a university because university is pronounced as [yuniversity]. Similarly, we should say an hour because hour is pronounced as [our]. Unique is pronounced as [yunique].
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I agree with Nona

unique starts with a consonant sound: junic

a junic
a unique
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