Which would be correct usage :

1. A unique

2. An Unique

and why ?

Cheers !
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As far as I know 'a unique' is correct because in that case 'u' is not a vowel but a semi-consonant (or semi-vowel) like in university, unify, uniform, utopia and many with the sound -/ju/ at the beggining of the word.
We've discussed this a few times:

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Yes, that's right. A long "u" sound requires "a" rather than "an"; but the opposite is true of a short "u."
i agree that 'U' is here not a vowel.It must be a unique
Hi all! I think you can`t use any of these articles if you use this word without a noun. If you use it with a noun,you must use it with an,because "u" is a wovel! Any way,I think so,and this is my opinion!
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I don`t understand you. Why do you think it`s not a vowel?
Because the ' u ' is pronounced as ' you ' and ' you ' starts with yEmotion: smile
The answer is -A UNIQUE!
because 'a' or 'an' are used according to the sound of the first letter.The sound of "unique " "u" is 'YU'..which is a consonant that's why we use "a" with unique.
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