In today's life, people live always planning and self-serving. Maybe that's why when the student couple Minh Hieu - Tat Minh, for 10 years carrying each other to school, Undeterred by the hardships , people suddenly surprised how wonderful it is.
Sympathy his friend Tat Minh, who was born with a disability, a male student from the same neighborhood of Minh Hieu has volunteered to carry his friend to school every day since 2nd grade. After 10 years, the two boys scored above 28 points in the university entrance exam.

Nguyen Tat Minh and Ngo Minh Hieu were both born into farming families. Thinking that Minh can't walk on his own, Hieu volunteered to carry him to school every day. Like that for more than 10 years, the two of you always went together, Hieu never left Minh.

“I have never been self-deprecating about myself. I would like to work in IT , just sit in one place. Then I would find a job, support myself and my parents, Minh said.

And the reason for an 8-year-old boy to be able to make that decision is as simple as Hieu's way of talking: Seeing that I and my friends are healthy and Minh has to stay at home, I feel so sympathy with him. determined to do something to get him to school."

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