Decision no sooner reached or rather long after than what is the wrong word? For the last time at last for to end yet again what the wrong word? Than revoked. No but slowly dispelled a little very little like the wisps of day when the curtain closes of itself by slow millimeters or drawn by a phantom hand. Farewell to farewell. Then in that perfect dark forcknell darling sound pip for end begun. First last moment. Grant only enough remain to devour all. Moment by glutton moment. Sky earth the whole kit and boodle. Not another crumb of carrion left. Lick chops and basta. No. One moment more. One last. Grace to breathe that void. Know happiness.



guava red 605 Can you simplify it for me, please?

No. It is already as simple as it possibly can be.

With Beckett we are in some of the deepest waters in all of English literature.

You may wish to read the critiques listed in the link below.



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Death is easy, literature is hard.

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