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Start by writing down what you would say if you were simply have a conversation.
am a cosmetology teacher one of my students would like a letter of leave to take to the embrassy because he is going on vacation and i dont know how to begin
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Please begin by writng down and showing us what you would say if you were talking face to face with the embassy official. Then we can help you with comments.

Can please how to drafta leave letter to my manager that i am going out country for 2 week

Begin just by writing what you would say if you were talking to her face to face. Then post it here for comments.

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dear miss jayalakshmi,

i myself g.niharika , wants leave fir 3 days. i can't attend the school due to my sister's wedding. hope you grant me leave from 21st to 24th of december.

hope you grant me the leave.

yours sincerely


Dear Miss Jayalakshmi,

I would like to request leave for 3 days, from 21st. to 24th of December, so that I can attend my sister's wedding.

I will be very grateful for your permission.

Yours sincerely,

G. Niharika.

You need to be careful to use capital letters correctly. Emotion: smile

Respected sir,

i am rahul mehta employee of your company request you to grant me leave for three dyas 11,12 and 14 because of my sister marriage.

thanking you

yours faithfully
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Respected Sir,

I, Rahul Mehta, an employee of your company, request you to grant me leave for three days on the 11th, 12th and 14th of December, because of my sister's wedding.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Good luck with this, Clive
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