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i have semester exam so i am going to atten the exam so please kindly give me leave for 2 days
Please read through this thread and select a letter format with proper salutation and closing.
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i go to colleg today and yesterday . that s why i cannot message you sorry
I went to college today and yesterday; that's why I could not message you. Sorry.
respected sir,
I would like to enform you that i m the M.COM student of your colleg .i request you to plz grant me a leave for 6 days becoz of my uncle marriage.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
taranjeet kaur
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Dear Madam,
This is to inform you that My son (name) is suffering from fever. As per doctor's advice he will be in complete bed rest form [Date] to [Date].
I would be highly grateful to you, if you kindly grant him to take leave on the above mentioned days.
Thanking you,
am aswathy i want a simple leave letter format

am aswathy i want a simple leave letter format

I'm Barbara.
I want people to read the threads and see what is already there instead of just asking people to write what has already been provided over and over and over.
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The Chair Man

Subject- to grant my leave application


with respect i am informing you that my sister maraige ceremony is held on 22 nov and i needed to reach there on the time so i want to leave for 8 days and please grant my leave since 16 to 24nov.

for this i will obliged you

Abishek jena

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