What is a a bull's eyes with singles house?

Please! Context??
It's from the movie "Monster House".

I don't have the context right now. It looks like this is not a common term to describe a house anyway.

I found a typo: a bull's eyes with shingles house
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Hi, everyone.

Plot: A school girl, Jenny, was trying to persuade people (a babysitter) to buy candy from her. Maybe she was in a campain or something. (from movie: House Monster)

She said, "Without candy, I'm afraid your house is a bull's-eye with shingles."

What do the quotes above mean? Is it a common expression?

Was it Halloween time?

If so, she was saying that if you choose to not provide candy on Halloween, you have made your house a target for mischief by the local kids. A target in archery or darts or other sports is called a bull's eye (circles within circles). The roof in many houses is constructed of shingles.
Hi, GG.

Thanks a lot. I got it.

Yes, it's Halloween.

Have you seen the movie?
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No, I haven't.
Thanks BarbaraPA...!!!