Once upon a time ,in old china there were two women .One was known as her face :The most beautiful face in her country at that time while the other who was named Dongshi was known as her most ugly face .the beaty woman called Xishi had some pain in her heart.One day when she was out .her pain happened again .She loured her eyebrow and used hands pressed her stomach . At this time Dongshi saw her and she also saw many people were watching Xishi they were attracted by Xishi.Dongshi wantet people to watch herself ,too.So she learned from Xishi : louring her eyebrow,pressingher stomack .However all people ran away after had seen Dongshi like that and said taht Dongshi was too terrible.

Why people would like that? Because the beauty of Xishi was from herself , she didn't learn someone else. Dongshi had lost herself.She just copied something which didn't belong to herself!
It is a traditional opinion with which most Chinese people agree. However, there comes out another opinion and many people regard Dongshi as a breave woman. They say that Dongshi has a strong desire of pursuing beauty.

What I have expressed is just a objective phenomenon, but not my personal opinion.Emotion: smile
I don't agree with you! you know each person like beauty ,of course ,inclued myself. Dongshi just copied something she didn't think why Xishi was beautiful and why people liked watchingh her .I think a person should have his/her own opinion. That is the key to a person .We know that each succeed person will think a lot before making a decision. However dongshi wasn't never do that .

I don't like copying others simply, espcieliy that will not belong myself ever !