Hi. If I try to check a sentence of the following sort in Grammarly

Clear water, numerous beach facilities, fascinating sunsets(,) and sunrises, affordable prices — all this is available to the guests of our resort.

the service always says that I must put a comma there. But if I put it, a new 'advanced' issue appear suggesting that I must remove it. Then the situation repeats itself. Is there any reason for that? Thanks.


I can’t answer for Grammarly, but there should be no comma between sunrises and sunsets.

anonymousIs there any reason for that?

Yes. You are expecting a computer to think for you. The poor little thing can't do that.

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anonymousIs there any reason for that?.

Sunrise and sunset are closely related, complementary words.

You wouldn't find it necessary to write, I hope, I had bacon, and eggs for breakfast, or There are separate changing rooms for boys, and girls.

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