Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I'm working on this letter to a neighbour whose birds are causing a noise disturbance. I'm still thinking hard on expressing how bad the noise is affecting my family and how I could express the letter in a way the neighbour would be receptive. I would very much welcome your comments.

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Dear Neighbour,

Thank you for sparing some time to read this letter. I wonder if you could help me and my family on something that has been distressing us since the start of this year.

I understand that you are a lover of birds and have kept some in a room of your unit. Please understand that I fully respect your hobby. I have however been regularly losing sleep because I am woken up by the sounds of the birds each morning, mostly from 6 to 7.30am. The sounds continue off and on throughout the day. As I also need to study at home, I also have trouble concentrating because of the sounds. My family members are similarly troubled throughout the day.

May I offer a suggestion? I wonder if you would be kind enough to keep the sound in by closing the windows. My family and I would be very grateful if you could help us as we have been very distressed every day. Thank you.


* * * * *
This sounds good to me, a polite complaint with a suggested solution. If it is ignored I would send a stiffer letter though, then make a complaint to the landlords/environmental health etc.
I'm thinking of adding this sentence to the end of the second paragraph, to bring out my points more fully:

We miss the peace and quiet we have come to take joy in in our home, possibly just as much as you [would] take joy in [in/from the sounds of birds] / [in/from your hobby].

(The words in [] are some options I'm looking at.)
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Emotion: yesthanxxxxxxxx dis letter helpd me a lot in my exams
i have just written a letter to my next door neighbours mother.
i was a little disappointed about her sons actions against my personal transport and how he walked into my house without knocking or permission. My letter sound simple and it dosent sound like I'm angry. How would I write the letter if I was to do it again?
Try, and we will check it for you if it is not too long.
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