topic:Travelling is more important than reading books in order to understand the people and the world.Do you agree or disagree with the statement.Use specific reason to support your answer.

Travelling gets more and more popular now,some people even have a opinion about travelling is more important than reading books.But I don not think so.

At first,travelling is only a leisure activity which makes someone more relaxing,and it will take his or her money.If all the people tried to employ on travelling industry,the society would
stop developing,especially our country is still very poor,we must put our limited burget to develop our life,such as making cars,building more roads and raising education.Another reason is that there will waste too much money on too many travelling spots.Just a few months ago,the Shanndong Culture Bureau officials had placed a ceremony of Kongzi who was born 2000 years ago, perhaps they wanted to influence the overseas Chinese people coming to visit their ancestors' areas,on the contrary,the bad shows made all the audiences annoy.They not only wasted the money,but also showed them absence culture.This matter shows travelling is not so important,travelling must adpot the culture developing,and if you are going to be a high cultivated person,you must strong your reading.

Next,reading book can improve your ability not only in theory but also in experiment.Reading book is not a very simple thing,if you have no enough money to travel,you can read some books to see the outside worlds.Just books,let us know the Industry Revolution,the Information Highway plan and so on.Book can guide us to travel in a clear itinerary of the destination,and maybe contains the former travellers experiments,so we can reduce the travelling dangerous and fairs.

Then,travelling booms in our country in recent years.It makes us worry the enviroments will be destroyed for some traveller's foolish actions.As a traveller,he or she would like to see all kinds of sceneries and to eat some delicious food,such as precious animals.Some scene areas are destored serious by travellers,and some animals are almost distinct for these eating habits.So I say:the travellers must read some books,otherwise they will be a silly thinking to travel.

Finally,I suggest all persons should read more books.Certainly we need to travel,but we should not to be dull in travelling time.When we are in travelling,we can learn more if we have learned many knownleges from book.
I think "man li lu" means more than travelling -- to me, it also means to experience life for real.

Just my 2 cents.
Hi Julielai,

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For example, the following sentence needs a bit work, no?
If all the people tried to employ on travelling industry,the society would
stop developing,especially our country is still very poor,we must put our limited burget to develop our life,such as making cars,building more roads and raising education.

If everyone tried to work in the travel industry, our society would stop developing because our country is still very poor. Next sentence....

Sometimes when I find that a student has a lot of errors, I will correct a paragraph to serve as an example. Then as the OP (other person) to see if he or she can use my examples and correct the following sentences or paragraphs. You want to place the workload on the OP, but you want to provide sufficient help that they have made some progress.

It's a tough balancing act. Emotion: smile

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I'm definitely not very smart. I'm here because I love to write. (And I like to share my ESL experience with others)

The essay is based on the Chinese saying: "travelling 10,000 miles is better than reading 10,000 scrolls." I take this to mean, "life experience is more important than book learning."

I guess what I'm saying is, the OP may be taking the proverb literally, so the content may need to be reworked.

I will make myself clearer next time (I'll be good I promise. hehe)
Ms Julielai,I am very thank you for your commentary.You commented me that my essay is away from the topic.Maybe I misunderstood the topic meaning.The travelling does not point to the industry,it points to the travelling process,means the experiments are better than books,doesn't it?

I am very obliged to you to comment my composition.
Yes, that's the way I've understood it.

The best way to learn about love is to experience it, no?
Reading a thousand love poems won't help you.

By the same token, there's only so much you can learn about the world from books.
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I want to rewrite the essay.Would you like to comment it again?

Travelling are better than reading books.The most simple pricinple is the book which is wrote by man especially with good knowledge.Some wonderful books were basically from the writers with hard experiments,such as Natural Rules which wrote by Darwin who was taken his footprints all over the world.My country people also has a saying "Do not be a book dull",it tells us believe not only book but also the actually travelling.

However,book can direct the travelling.Columbia found the new continent only had the enormous geographic,medical,and some other knowledge can make his adventure.If have had no these,he would have not taken any actions.So I am afraid that the book is included the former's experiments,some even lift to theories.

Moreover,you would ask which are important between travelling and reading book?I would say there are hard to compare.Travelling is important to have more benefits,it can relax your nervous and let you fulfill power to have a new day work.But book is also important,if you had never read some book about your work requests,would you be able to have a relax mental to face the new day work?

All in all,travelling is important,but reading book is as same as travelling.If you want to harvest more in travelling,you should read more books.
No, I don't mind commenting again.

1. You need an introduction. You want to introduce the ideas that are being debated.

2. This looks like a lop-sided argument. You have spent only one sentence on the benefits of travelling and it's not even related to the issue at hand. The question is whether you learn more about the world from travelling. Or are you better off just reading about it?

Just my 2 cents.