A computer was something on TV
From a science fiction show of note
A window was something you hated to clean
And ram was the cousin of a goat.

Meg was the name of my girlfriend
And gig was a job for the nights
Now they all mean different things
And that really mega bytes.

An application was for employment
A program was a TV show
A cursor used profanity
A keyboard was a piano.

Memory was something that you lost with age
A CD was a bank account
And if you had a 3-inch floppy
You hoped nobody found out.

Compress was something you did to the garbage
Not something you did to a file
And if you unzipped anything in public
You'd be in jail for a while.

Log on was adding wood to the fire
Hard drive was a long trip on the road
A mouse pad was where a mouse lived
And a backup happened to your commode.

Cut you did with a pocketknife
Paste you did with glue
A web was a spider's home
And a virus was the flu.

I'll stick to my pad and paper
And the memory in my head
No one's been killed in a computer crash
But it makes their face turn red!

-- author unknown
remenismnt of something else I've heard. I'm under 40 and I loved it!!

By the way what's a CD in regards to accounts?
LOL! Very funny, I love it.

Although, I'm not 40.
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By the way what's a CD in regards to accounts?

CD's - Certificates of Deposit (see the advertisement below):

"If you are planning to keep more than $500 in your account for longer than 6 months at a time, it might be useful to place the money in a certificate of deposit, or CD's, interest-bearing bonds held for a fixed period of time like 90 days or 6 months. CD's generally earn higher interest rates than savings accounts and pay out interest depending on both the length of time (60-day, 90-day, 6-month, year) and the amount invested."