Could you please take a look at the following two paragraths and suggest

whether it contains any glaring errors? My primary concerns are related to
the usage of articles, as in "a four-point grading scale" or "a weighted GPA".

'Russian institutions of higher education use a four-point grading scale. (Some sources may refer to a five-point Russian grading scale that includes the fifth grade of "Poor" or "F" with its numerical representation of 0.0. However, Russian universities do not use this grade, and poor academic performance is graded as "Unsatisfactory".) Some courses are graded on a "Passed/Not passed" basis, and the rest are graded on a four-point scale. The "Passed/Not passed" grades do not have any official numerical representation and are not used for GPA calculation. Students can graduate only if they pass each curriculum course, among which there are no electives.

GPA represents the cumulative grade point average for courses graded on a numerical four-point scale. There are two types of GPA. The first is a simple GPA that is calculated as the average of the grades' numerical values: {formula} where Grade{i} is the grade for the i-th course, and N is the number of courses. The second is a weighted GPA, which takes into account the number of hours each graded course has lasted: {formula}, where N is the number of graded courses, Grade{i} is the grade for the i-th course, Hours{i} is the number of hours the i-th course has lasted, and Hours is the total number of hours for all courses taken into account. Additionally, GPA may be calculated taking into account either all the courses graded on the four-point grading scale ("GPA") or only those courses related to a student's major ("GPAmaj"). The following table includes different GPAs calculated based on my transcripts: {table}'

Thank you.


> ... two paragraths... whether it contains any glaring errors...

It should have been "they contain"; the first glaring error is gone.