1-) As working in industrial engineering fields; I aim to serve my company as company expectations and in the short run. In the long term my goal is to become a senior executive.

2-) Working at Industrial Engineering area, I aim to subserve and make better my company which I'm willing to answer their expectation at the same time in my carrier, improve me for top level management.

I am trying to translate a cover letter sentence from Turkish to English.
Please help me about this situation.
If need, change some words

Thanks for your time
I presume that your 2 sentences are 2 efforts at the same translation. Neither one is good.

I would like to make a positive contribution as an industrial engineer to my company's success, with the long term goal of reaching upper management.
Thank you Mr. Micawber

What if i want to use "senior executive" idiom?
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It is not an idiom, and I prefer what I wrote.
not idiom
is it an expression?

there is those words in business literature.
"senior executive"
"chief executive officer"
like that
An expression, I suppose. An idiom is a phrase whose meaning cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that compose it.
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ok thanks Mr Micawber
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