Here’s a word phrase i just saw a couple of hours ago. I hope there would be many examples for it

The word phrase is : a defense agreement .

Furthermore, i looked up that word phrase on the internet that’s got an another word followed in front of it like : joint defense agreement .

Thanks in advanced !


You haven't actually asked a question. Are you just letting us know that you found that phrase?

Or do you have a question about it?


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Oh! i would like to have a true definition of this word phrase that states me clearlier. Please give me some of the examples that you know


See the examples at the link below.

You'll find that a defense agreement is an arrangement between nations in which they agree to defend each other if either is attacked.



gotcha! so its a politics related word phrase. Then a joint mean to be mutual between two countries, I guess

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Tom` myThen a joint means to be mutual between two countries, I guess.

Right. 'joint' expresses the idea 'both together'.


many thanks!