Bought myself a guitar. As I blasted my fingers onto the strings faster then the light, my fingers started hurting but that never made me stop playing the guitar because I could feel the music echoing through my ear drums.
I felt like my ears were about to blow as my legs started to shake. The beat was too good that I could feel it deep in my butt vibrating my poop to an extent so that my butthole cracked, leaving me in a lake of sh*t. Here I sit, shitful all alone, with my brand new guitar smelling like my food I ate 12 hours ago, it really makes me think...
Is this guitar any good? Well it was good since the food I ate 12 hours ago was really tasty, I'm not gonna lie, re-visiting that taste that came out of my butt was really tasteful.
Decided to go out for a nightwalk since life's something more than just this, While taking my walk with my brand new guitar there came a man with a black hoodie and asked for the guitar or he'll take my life, I refused and staretd running as he runes after and jumps at me takes my loved guitar and stabs me in the butt. By the way, he also took a stick up my bellybutton for some odd reason, might be his fetish. Lession ending soon I then ran to the hospital and they finally helped me with it all and thats the story

There is no question. What do you want? The language is inappropriate for this site. Additionally, since there is no question, I wonder if you just wanted to shock someone who read your poem. As art, as a poem, I don't object to your poetry. But this is not a site to post our creative writing as art. I'm interested to see if a moderator agrees with my opinion.