I am a graduated student in December, 2019. In recently time, i am finding to a job but I am really confused and disappointed about myself. I don't know what I want to do and feel a bit inferiority about myself. Because in my university, i didn't work many times and also learned fluently English so i was regret with the time passed. Now I have been going through every day not knowing what do i wanna next tomorrow. Although I always try to have optimistic thinks by improving my English skill and finding jobs that I think is that it will be suitable for me every day, in fact it is challenging to unlearn these confused thinks. Today I feel a bit of sad when receiving a gmail about falling after participating an interview in spite of a predictable result. Besides, I also receive some questions about my job, my future by people around me. That brings me stressful feelings and I really don't want to reply on any questions.

I have quite many friends but i realize that nobody can understand and help me come over that expect me. I also don't want to bother them because they also have their problems that need to handle. After that, i just wanna write down to more comfortable. I know i need to try my best because i don't any choices else.

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