The university where I have had my graduation as private candidate is situated in a remote region of the province. I had to go to the university on some important business last week. I went there just once that was two years ago. I wasn't alone then. This time I was not only alone but also was unaware of the bus that would take me to the university, was unaware of the route that led to the university, was unaware of the stop where I should get off the bus. All these made me scared. I was standing on the Peshawar bus stand and was in a dilemma whether to go to the university or to put off the business again when a middle aged man asked me where I was going.

"To ABC university in XYZ."

"Are you alone?" He asked.

"Yes." I replied.

He pointed at a bus and told me to get on the bus. I moved towards the bus and asked the bus driver if he was headed to XYZ.

"NO.", He said, "XYZ is a little farther from my last stop. You'll find your bus over there."

I hardly walked a few steps in the direction the bus driver had pointed at when the same man caught me up again.

"What happened sister?"

"The bus is not going to go to XYZ."

He told me that XYZ is not farther from the bus' last stop and that I could take a taxi there to XYZ. Then he asked me to follow him. This made me scared even more but I followed him.

"She is going to XYZ." He told the bus' conductor.

"Get on the bus. We are about to leave. You can take a taxi there that will take you to XYZ in 15 to 20 mins." The conductor replied to me instead. I was scared so I said,

"But I'm alone."

"Some what, daughter?", said an old woman doarding the bus, "I'm alone, too. Get on. I'll help you to get to XYZ."

I was reluctant but I got on the bus. The conductor closed the door after all the passengers had got on the bus.

"I don't want to go. Let me get off the bus.", I said out of fear.

"Why?", asked the conductor.

"It's about to 11:00am. The university will have got closed when I get there." I pretexted.

"What is the closing time of the university?", asked the conductor.

"4 o'clock."

"Sit down sister. We will get there by 1pm.", said the conductor.

At last the bus started its journey. Then I missed my late father a lot. Had he been alive, I wouldn't have had to go to such a remote region alone. With this I started crying. No woman sitting beside me tried to console me. I was thankful for this for if they had tried to console me, I would have cried more. I calmed myself down after crying for some time. Then the old woman, who was travelling with her two grand daughters, asked me about the reason of my visit to the university.

By 1:30 pm we were there. All the passengers, along with me, got off the bus. The woman held me by hand and took me to a van. She asked me to get on the van and herself started instructing the van driver that where he would have to get me off the van. I thanke her and she left away. The van took me to XYZ in 30min. Before I got off the van the driver told me to take a taxi there that would drop me right in front of the university gate. He also told me how I would get back to Peshawar from there. I thanked him and walked away to a taxi standing there. I can't tell you how happy I was when I reached the university. My business there last for 10min. I came out of the university gate and found a taxi right in front of the university gate. While sitting in the taxi I thought, "Just for 10mins business I travelled for 3 hours."

As I reached the stop and was looking for the right bus a man with gray beard asked me, "Daughter! Where are you going?"

"To Peshawar.", replied I.

"Are you alone?"


"Sit there.", He said while pointing at a bench, "and wait for my signal. I'll look for your bus."

"Please, it must be a direct bus to Peshawar. I want to get home before it gets dark.", I said.

He noded and went away. Soon he came back and showed me the bus that was going to Peshawar. I thanked him and got on the bus. I reached home by 6:30 pm.

Now while I'm reflecting the day I think how sometimes we fine people so helping, so kind, and so caring when we are least expecting it. Though nobody knew me yet everyone wanted to protect me. I'm sure it would have cost them nothing but it surely would have bring them internal pleasure. Please, be always helpful to others. Your little help may prove a big relief to other. Kindness and helping others cost us nothing but bring us please and happiness.

Thanks for reading it.

Best wishes.

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