It's important to realize that the term "present participle" has nothing to do with time or tense. It's a designation of how the word is formed, but that formation does not limit it to present tense.
How to Use the Present Participle in a Past-Tense Narrative
Please explain the use of "a" in "a designation of how....

I always struggle to see the countability of nouns which are not physical

JigneshbharatiPlease explain the use of "a" in "a designation of how ..."

There may be several different designations (names) for this verb form, not just "present participle". This one ('present particle') is one of them.

one of them ~ a


(In fact, one of the other ways of referring to that verb form is "active participle".)

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Is it no 2?

I got confused because I thought no 1 fits here.


JigneshbharatiIs it no 2?

Yes. "name" Countable.

"present perfect" is a name for a certain verb form.

Or you can say

"present perfect" is a designation for a certain verb form.


Actually, I think I see what you mean. It reads as if 'designation' were an activity.

But that's OK. Even though that usage is marked as uncountable in the dictionary, you can still use it as countable.

a designation of how ... = a single instance of "a pointing-out action" of how ...


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