he is a Chinese doctor with PhD & MD ,he got his degree in the United states.

how can i say that in a short way.

say: a chinese doctor with american PhD & MD
Yes, it sounds OK to me: a Chinese doctor with an American PhD and MD.
Thank you!
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Is Ph D similar to DEA in France?How long do we spend to take this kind of Diploma? Would you be so kind to tell me about this postschool?

Phuong Ninh
Try here: http://www.cefi.org/base.html

Sorry, it's in French! Emotion: sad
Sorry, I mean: How long does it take a Ph D and anA M.. In our country, it's different to the USA. People tell me Diploma in USA is more difficultt to get than in ours. I think Doctorat , may be the same as Doctor so I ask you to compare in order to grasp the meaning.

.Phuong Ninh
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English/American levels of academic qualification

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science (BA/BSc) - The first degree that is taken at university following the completion of high or senior school. People taking these courses are referred to as under graduates. Typically this degree course takes three years

Master of Arts / Science (MA/MSc) - The next level up from the basic (bachelor) degree. A Masters will usually have a stronger subject focus and will take one year full time or two years part time.

Doctor of Philosophy or Doctorate (PhD) - A very focused course of study, usually self directed, that will take between three and five years to complete. Individuals achieving this award can put the title Dr before their name.

Beyond this point advancement in academia (e.g. to professor status) is reliant upon research, publication and recognition by one's peers.

There are a number of qualifications that muddy the waters somewhat. For instance if you only complete two years of a bachelor course or choose a shorter course from the outset you can get a diploma. However upon graduation with a bachelors' degree you can undertake a post graduate diploma that can take only a year although some of them take two.

I hope this has been more helpful than confusing.