still looking for the "right" use of punctuation (including contractions), what reads pleasantly and flows well...opinions seem divided on this


And so the kingdom had great loss.

Splendid creatures lost to a foolish cause.

A cause that would never succeed.

For how could a creature become its own God?

So the king and his son mourned greatly.

But not for very long.

They were too resourceful and happy with all that was left in the kingdom.

Those who were still enjoying their generous kindness towards them.

They made a plan that would even increase their exhilaration.

That would make up for their loss again and again.

Thoroughly they talked it through.

Becoming more and more excited about their aspirations.

Oh, it would be wonderful.

So much more glory would come of it to the remotest parts of the kingdom.

Even to the places Lucifer had now taken residence in.

He would be no match for “them”.

So what was this plan?

What did it look like?

Are you ready?

They made MAN!

Oh, it was glorious.

Their joy had no end.

All the kingdom’s servants rejoiced with singing and dance.

They were so delighted with all the elation they would bring.

These newly made creatures.

They were truly something.

“Ah, the apple of my eye”,

the king said with pride.

“Son, these are your siblings.

I will love them like I have loved you.

Truly made in our image.

Now our family is complete.

And we will continue to grow as we’ll enable them to increase.”

Oh, such joy and celebration.

“Son, come dance with me.

You want to hold them?”

And so father and son danced.

The king and his son Prince.

From sheer delight.

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