Need to finish my TEFL crossword, can't figure out these clues;

1. When "to" appears before a verb, the verb is in what form? 10 letters.

2. Words can be classified into groups, also known as _____? 6 letters

3. How would you describe this sentence: Mark told his students that they should study dilligently. It is called ________________ speech. 8 letters.

4. An 'anxious' grammar term!! 6 letters.



No idea!
Could the 4th one be "speech"?[:^)]
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Hi just finished this myself a couple of weeks ago!

1. Infinitive

2. Fields

3. Reported

4. Tenses

Regards H
Hey, I'm working on the same crossword as you and many others..could you help me out with the last part? I just love crosswords...not

Good trip!

I would just like to THANKYOU for posting your questions as these were very helpful for me coz I's literally goin mad searching answer for the second question!

So a Huge Heartious THANKYOU once again!Emotion: big smile [Y]


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