Hi, I was looking at your ESL Vocabulary and Idioms section for the post regarding the word 'experience' and found Mr. M's advice that said something like 'list' makes countable to be appropriate/right for the following writing:

List all your teaching experience

Can you give me a few examples of the similar kind? Thank you.
Prioritize the qualities of a good teacher
Count the coffees you sell

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Thank you, Mr, M, for your help.

I think many people will agree that a certain word in the right condition can be used in a countable form as in the cases of turning it into different types (which I think is what you did in your previous response) but it is known that it can be turned countable by pointing to different instances of it. Can you give me your precious few examples of that?
[url=http://www.EnglishForward.com/search/countable or uncountable.htm ]HERE'S[/url] a good place to browse, Anon.