I am new to this forum and I think I will need this forum a lot! My first question is: everybody and every body, which way is correct? or every one or everyone. I see people write with space and without space in between and sometimes I am unsure when I have to use the same word. Or anyone or any one....
another question is: some (white) people write something like: "your awsome" and some write "you're awsome". Also, save you money or save your money.

"Everyone" and "everybody" both mean the same thing: all of the people in whatever group or place you are talking about.

"Every body" is quite different: it means "all of the bodies". For example:

In my dream there were dead bodies lying everywhere. Every body was lying face down.

"Every body" is not something you would say very often. But "every one" and "everyone" are both common:

Every one of us is important.
Everyone's opinion is valuable.

Remember that "everyone" = "everybody". If you can substitute "everybody", then "everyone" is correct. If it doesn't make sense to substitute "everybody", then "every one" is correct.

Everybody of us is important. (wrong --> therefore should be "every one")
Everybody's opinion is valuable. (correct --> therefore "everyone" would also be correct)

Note that "every one" is often followed by "of". "Everyone" cannot be followed by "of".

The same logic applies to "anyone" and "any one":

Anyone can do it.
Any one of you can do it.

"Anyone" means "anybody". If you can substitute "anybody", then "anyone" is correct. If not, then it should be "any one".

Anybody can do it. (correct --> therefore "anyone" would also be correct)
Anybody of you can do it. (wrong --> therefore should be "any one")

"Any one" is often followed by "of". But "anyone" cannot be.
1.Everybody/everyone/anyone functions as a pronoun, it can be a subjecy by its own.

>Everybody is nice to me.

>Good afternoon, everyone!

>Who can go? "Anyone can."

2. every body seems like every dead body for me. Emotion: sad

3.Every one/any one functions as a pronoun. But it can't stand along as a subject.

> Every one has to write a short story. (incorrect)

> Every one of you has to write a short story. (correct)

> Who can go? "Any one can." (incorrect)
==> I didn't see any one of you there last night. you guys stood me up.

4. "You're awesome" is the correct form. If you have ever heard someone said "your awesome", it's quite alright because 'you're' and 'your' are with same pronunciation. If you've seen 'your awesome' in a written from, I think maybe the person is just being lazy to type the correct from, in other words, he replaces 're with r .

5. "You have to save your money". Here 'save' is a transitive verb.
"It saved you a lot of money." It need two objects.

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Thanks, Pastel. everthing is all clear now.

Thanks, Taiwandave! forgot to mention you too. I understood now.

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