I've been to Korea, Japan, Thailand and a couple of European countries.

Korea is a good destination.

Are you going to any theme parks?
Comparing to the Disneyland in Tokyo, the theme parks in Korea are much less crowded and if you fancy the rides, you wouldn't have to queue up for too long.

I think Korea is more relaxing than Tokyo which is sort of like Causeway Bay.

Don't worry too much about the result. I think you will be admitted.

I think you are a naughty girl.
I can tell from your naughty photos, especially the one with a tie being worn.

Finally, I hope you can have an enjoyable trip.
Dear Falang,

Your letter is difficult to edit because a) it is hard to decipher what your main purpose for sending this lettr is, and b) you included details such as the "naughty girl" part which presupppse that the reader knows what you are talking about.

Please let me know a) why you are writing this letter and r) if you really need to include the personal details (i.e. naughty girl).

Dear Falang,

a) Please see my previous posting for the meaning of the letter
r) Any personal particulars, if any, is not real. Once again, please see my previous post.
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Sorry old boy,

Danged if I'm going to bend over seeking out your threads just to figure out what you're writing about. It's not obvious in your letter and that's that.

Furthermore, your letter comes across as morse code. You're playing verbal footsies with recipient at the end of the letter yet the register at the start is formal. Crossed signals I'd say.

That's my 2 cents worth so take it or leave it.

The girl was wearing a tie in a party pretending to be hanged.
I don't know why you think it is footsies.
Perhaps, its because your mind is full of dirty things.
And I don't know why you are behaving so rude.
I know that a lot of Philipino don't like Hong Kong people because they have to work here as domestic helpers even if they are well educated.
I hope your rudeness didn't arise because from this. If so. I feel pity for you.

Since you are behaving so rude. I think you are no longer qualified to talk to me.
So, this is my last reply.

If you continue to behave improperly here, I'll report you and give my comment about you as reply to your own posting.

A5552, Please allow the other members to reply to your post. Thanks!
You should keep your arguments on the letter you presented for "editing" and keep it there. I did. Firstly, it isn't clear if you're seeking grammar correction or form. Since your grammar is passable I assumed form. If form were the case however, the cryptic "naughty" you put in at the end of the letter throws off the the whole register of the letter.

Now it is you who is throwing racial slurs. Stick to the facts Bucko.

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Please stop this squabble now.