In the following sentence, what does "that" refer to?
(It was in the newspaper.)
I'd like to know the function of it.

"A typed letter said he was accommodating an enemy country and that this is unacceptable.
In this sentence 'that' refers to what the typed letter said.
Without 'that' the reader wouldn't know whether the writer of the typed letter found the situation unacceptable or the person quoting the letter found SOMETHING unacceptable.
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Hi Mike,
Thank you for your explanation.
Now I can understand why "that " was put here Emotion: smile
...but, these things are always very difficult to understand!!
That was pretty impresive,i liked that.holla back at me
Hi Candy. I agree, and sometimes these things are also difficult to explain.
I am very glad I was able to help Emotion: smile
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