Hi guys,

If my recollection is accurate, few times I've seen this site's members talking about a German forum. My question is, is there an associated German language forum with this website? If yes, how to access it?

If not, what Germanforums do you suggest I use to learn German as a starter? If the language used there is English to help learners make progress in German gradually, that's much better because I only know precious few words in that language!

Thanks in advance.


This was answered some time ago. I don't know if the links are still valid.


Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

We have the privilege of being one of the rarest institutes in India. It offers the opportunity to take the exam only for us. There is a saying that the comparison should always be made, between apple and apple, not between apple and orange. So if you want to compare the tariff system, please only compare our tariff with the system that only works in German language Classes in Nagpur and offers all these options.

I'm a newbie learning German. Thanks for your sharing!

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