I am trying to write a comment about a friend of mine. I want to say that she is a good person (always with good intencions and so). I wrote:

Julie's heart is so big that it does not fit inside her chest.

I am not sure if my statment is well written or not. Could somebody help me please?. Thanks in beforehand.

It is grammatically correct. Metaphor is about imagery, though, so you can go wild with the ending if you wish.
I would use a different ending. I would not be comfortable mentioning a woman's chest while trying to compliment her. (It's grammatically correct, though.)
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Hello all

So, thanks for your replys. It seems that I did a mistake with the word "chest". Really I am not sure the right word for "pecho" in spanish (my mother tongue). The "chest" that I want to refer is not the "breat".

I want to say that that girl have a good heart, she always helps the people, always with good intentions. The intention is to right a metaphore about her good heart. And it is not exclusive for women. The statment could be:

The Pope's heart is so big that it does not fit inside his "xyz"

xyz.... I do not know the right word. If somebody can help, I will apreciate it.


There's "lungs", but, well, ... Emotion: smile
Or ribs! Emotion: big smile

Is body too big to be the container of the heart?
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Your statement looks pretty much OK to me. And I don't think there's nothing wrong on mentioning a woman's chest, if it's a close and personal friend.
"She's all heart" is a common phrase (though some readers might find it sentimental).