Hi everyone!

I made a mistake in a toefl grammar sentence.

The average soda can [ has a ] tensile [strong] [ capable of ] supporting [ a weight of ] one hundred kilograms.

The answer is strong and my book said that It should be used " strength" whereas I think , " capability " should be used in stead of " capable".
Therefore, I do not know that there is a pattern " have + Noun + compliment ( such as noun, adj.... ) , isn't it?

I really appriciate your help!

Hello Mai Van,

To simplify things in the mind a bit, the shortest way to say it would be:

A soda can supports one hundred kilograms.

"Tensile strength" is a common phrase used in science,
so your example is correct this way, as your book said:

The average soda can has a tensile strength capable of supporting a weight of one hundred kilograms.

If you wanted to use the words "strong" and "capacity" in this sentence,
you would have to alter it to something like this:

The average soda can is strong, having the capacity to support a weight of one hundred kilograms.

There is a small problem with using the word "capacity" in this sentence. Since a soda can is a unit of volume, and the word capacity often means a unit of volume, using the word "capacity" could be confusing here, so saying "capable of" is a clearer way to express your meaning in this sentence.

capacity (ke-pàs´î-tê) noun
plural capacities
Abbr. c., C., cap.
1. a. The ability to receive, hold, or absorb. b. A measure of this ability; volume.
2. The maximum amount that can be contained: a trunk filled to capacity.

I think that the example sentence from your book is the best one.

Does this help at all?
Hi Trellis,
Thank for your explaination.
I really got it.
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Can you help me to show what is wrong in a below sentence:

Ozone is [ an ] unstable [ faintly ] bluish gas [ that ] is the most [ chemical ] active from of oxygen.

Thanks alot in advance.
Hello again Mai Van,

I think that this sentence seems to look right this way:

Ozone is an unstable, faintly bluish gas which is the most chemically active form of oxygen.

I am not sure, maybe it should be "that" instead of "which"?
Hi Trellis,
Thank your answer. It is correct.
Again, thanks so much.
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Anytime Mai Van.
Just ask. Emotion: surprise)

Greetings from the USA!